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License Plate Lookup

Types of Information Found:

Lien holders, registration dates, insurance information, color of vehicle, etc.


    License Plate Search by Name/Address


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    Price: $79.95

    Expected results in just 24-72 hours after application. Please note that the outcomes may vary, given the exact address against the registered vehicle. The results may be inclusive of lien holders, insurance details, registration info, vehicle color, etc. This search cannot be done in states including Rhode Island, Connecticut, Nevada, Virginia, Connecticut, California, Maryland, and Oklahoma.


    Now conduct license plate search by name and address of all states

    Yes, it’s absolutely true!

    License Plate, a pioneering name in the field of license plate search now allows people to conduct a DMV license plate search by name and even address. Isn’t this an easy and quick way to get the required information in today’s digital world?

    Though there are several ways of conducting a DMV license plate search, one popular way is to do a license plate search by name. This is considered a great way to find the details of a vehicle just by entering the name. Our specially developed tool obtains information from 100 percent dependable and trustworthy data sources that are properly registered in order to provide you with the most relevant license plate search results. Ensure that all reports are written specifically for your requirement. More significantly, the tool double-checks all of the records before presenting them in a clear and attractive report. When you do a license plate lookup by name, no personal information is collected.

    The purpose of this vehiclelicense plate search tool on our website is to save you time and effort in obtaining all of the necessary information on the vehicle. There are numerous public websites where anyone can view vehicle records. However, searching for the relevant information can take hours, and you may still be unable to locate the information you require for conducting a license plate lookup by name. This is due to the fact that this is a labor-intensive and time-consuming operation.

    Our car license plate check reports usually highlight:

    • A recover& junk title check, this portion of the record inspect whether the car was sold as insurance junk/salvage before;
    • Lien Record & Vehicle Usage, discovers the car is under a loan and whether it’s utilized in a lease or being used as a rental car;


    By utilizing highly advanced technology and a passion to deliver the best, we, at License Plate, aspire to bring in unprecedented levels of ease and value to our clients who always look towards us for any vehicle license plate lookup.

    We understand how significant a vehicle’s number plate and this is why we don’t leave a single stone unturned to provide genuine information quickly and effectively. Whether you want to buy a used vehicle or it is a case of a road accident, debt recovery, License Plate can help you access the simplest DMV license plate lookup at any time of the day.

    Our extensive service network allows you to conduct and carry out a license plate lookup by name, address, and state. And you can be rest assured about the confidentiality of the information you’re looking for, we deploy high-end information security measures. Our services are not just limited to simple license plate search but we specialize in license plate owner lookup, reverse license plate search, license plate search, and other associated services.

    Over the years, we have won the trust of our esteemed clients by offering unmatched services at competitive rates. We can help you perform a DMV license plate search for a number of scenarios including:

    • Hit & Run, Accident, or Insurance Case
    • Stalking, Harassment, or Protection Order Case
    • Trespassing / Security Interest
    • Infidelity, Custody, or Divorce Case Investigation
    • Notice of Tow / Abandoned Vehicle
    • Personal or Property Damage
    • Assault, Battery, Fraud, or Other Criminal Case
    • Current or Anticipation of Civil Court Case
    • Fraud Prevention, Employee or Contractor Check
    • Debt Collection

    Moreover, we’re currently offering attractive discounts on our DMV license plate lookup services:

    • Plate search / all states are $39.95
    • VIN search / all states are $39.95
    • Vehicle search by name and address/ all states are $79.95

    To know more about us and our offerings, contact us today.